Seamless Process

Jim Reif Builders’ design/build process means a seamless transition from concept to build, providing a smooth, easy process for you from start to finish. Our team works with you, not for you, leading you step-by-step through the process.

Step by Step Process

Design, budgeting, and construction is all one process and is handled by our team. This integrated design/build process controls job costs and delivers quality construction, all while ensuring you get the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Initial Consultation

Collaboration between you and the design/build team begins with your first consultation. The top priority in the initial consultation is for the design expert to listen carefully, discover your core needs, and align them with your vision for the project.  We will dig deep into the reasons WHY you want to build or remodel, learn which specific aspects of your home are not working for you, and gain a thorough understanding of how you want to live in your new or remodeled home. 

The other very important discussion that will take place is about your budget.  How much of an investment are you comfortably willing and able to spend?  Be upfront about your budget, because in the design/build process, the team will design to your budget.  Knowing how much there is to spend gives the us the opportunity to maximize your budget and give you the best value for your investment.

Design Development

Design, styles, and materials all contribute to the exact look, feel, and functionality of your home.  Our experienced designers will be there for you every step of the way preparing design solutions that illustrate and describe your vision combined with our inspiration providing you a timeless home project tailored to your personality.

Estimation and Contract Documents

With the design finalized and input from our client, the estimating team obtains competitive bids from our approved trade partners and vendors and completes a detailed fixed price contract proposal.  A final presentation of your design plan takes place along with the contract proposal, and your construction contract is signed.

Final Selection

The design team guides you through the process of making final selections and assists you choosing the interior and exterior finishes that align with your vision for the project and are within your stated budget. Our trade partners’ designers are experts in their respective profession providing you with guidance that parallels the philosophy of Jim Reif Builders.


The construction phase is the culmination of the design/build process. You and your design/build team have carefully planned the details, made the necessary decisions, and accommodated your budget.  Everything is clear and up front, and all that is left to do is for the Craftsmen at Jim Reif Builders to expertly construct on your home.  Before work begins, you will receive a detailed schedule providing you with a timeline of your project, so you know what to expect each day.

Project Completion

This is what you have been waiting for all along…moving in to your new or remodeled home!  Reaching the final product takes a lot of communication and hard work, but from years of experience, we know it is all worth it.  Your project is not complete until it fulfills Jim Reif Builders’ persnickety standards and “Exceeds Your Expectations”!

Let's Build Your Vision Together.